Resistive Touch Screen Features

Resistant to EMI(Noise), Avoid accidental & unintentional touch Various operation touch devices:(Fingers, gloves, stylus-pen, any…), Cost advantage

Capacitive Touch Screen (Projective capacitive) Features

High durability (Glass/Glass structure), Light touch operation((Smartphone-like), Multi-touch & Gesture operation, Design-rich (Flatness Transparent), Outdoor use (LCD protection from UV)

Replacement Touch Panel

Touch Panel for Factory Automation Factory

One of the companies working in the field of Factory Automation in Bekasi which specializes in Robotics called us. They said that they needed only 1 pcs Resistive touch panel with a size of 6.5 inches to replace their damaged tools. After we check, we immediately send a price quote to them, because we have the required touch panel. They immediately responded by sending a PO (Purchase Order). The goods were delivered to them immediately, and it wasn't long before they received information that their device was working properly again.

Touch Panel for Yarn Mill

There is a company located in East Java which is a yarn manufacturing company who contacted us. They need a touch panel for their line of machines. After checking the size and specifications they need, we immediately offer one type of touch panel that we make that fits their needs. They also immediately received a Quotation from us and sent a PO. We send the touch panel via courier service delivery. Not long after, there was information that the touch panel that we sent matched what they needed and the machine was working normally. Some time later they reordered the touch panel.

Replacement Touch Panel HMI

We got a call from a Japanese food company whose factory is in Cikarang. They asked for help because there was a control device that didn't work. After we confirmed that the display was still on, but only the touch function had a problem, then we immediately brought the device for measurement by our R&D team. It just so happens that the touch panel they need is in our range of touch panels. So we immediately send a price quote (Quotation) to them. Not long after, they immediately PO and we immediately send their order touch panel. They then informed that their controller had functioned again as before.

Replacement Touch Panel for Other Device

Some time ago we had a company that installed controls for cranes. They have several control devices whose screen conditions can no longer be touched. We thought that it was possible that the touch panel was damaged, so we visited the company and borrowed the touch panel. Some time later they informed us that the sample touch panel that we lent us could work well with their device. Not long after, an order of 1 pcs from the company came. Then again and again the next order appears as much as 2 pcs. We don't have a minimum order, so even if it's 1 pcs, we will follow up.

Touch Panel Replacement Factory Control Device

One of the injection factories in the Cikarang area, once contacted us to ask if we could help them because their engine control device was not working properly. The information is that the touch panel is damaged / broken. After we came and checked and measured, it turned out that the touch panel matched the one used in the factory. Therefore, the factory immediately ordered 1 pcs and we immediately sent it. Finally the machine at the factory can function normally.

Replacement Touch Panel for Fitness Device

A company that does repairs for fitness equipment / treadmills came to us with a sample touch panel. They begged us to be able to make a touch panel similar to the one they brought. They really need the touch panel to repair their fitness/treadmill equipment which they receive a lot from their customers, so they asked us to make the touch panel. After our R&D team saw the touch panel and did the calculations, we immediately notified the company that we could make the touch panel, but there was a tooling fee that had to be paid. This is due to the manufacture / design of a new touch panel. The company did not mind having to pay the tooling cost and finally the touch panel that was ordered was immediately accepted by the company. It wasn't long before they informed that the touch panel worked well with their fitness/treadmill equipment. Until now they still continue to order for the touch panel.

Attention !

1. Contact us first (through the "Contact" page) 2. Don't blame your display screen! (Maybe it's only your touch panel that has a problem)!

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