Resistive Touch Screen Features

Resistant to EMI(Noise), Avoid accidental & unintentional touch Various operation touch devices:(Fingers, gloves, stylus-pen, any…), Cost advantage

Capacitive Touch Screen (Projective capacitive) Features

High durability (Glass/Glass structure), Light touch operation((Smartphone-like), Multi-touch & Gesture operation, Design-rich (Flatness Transparent), Outdoor use (LCD protection from UV)

MTR Series

MTR-G Series

DMC's original 4-wire cell type resistive multi-touchscreen series. Light-load multi-touch for smartphone-like gesture operation.

MTR Series

Resistive multi-touch screen series developed by DMC. The resistive touch screen allows for safe dual touch operation. Product range from 10.4 to 15 inches. Screens are generally used for industrial purposes. Simultaneous operation of multiple keys including shift key allows optional operation.

Line-Up Product


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