Resistive Touch Panel

Resistive Touch Panel is widely used in industry because of its resistance to noise generated by motors / generators in factories. So many control equipment (Factory Automation) that uses Resistive Touch Panel. Besides that, the Resistive touch panel can only detect 1 touch at a time (Single Touch). So now MTR (Multi Touch Resistive) has been developed which can detect 2 touches at any time.

Capacitive Touch Panel

Unlike the Resitive Touch Panel which must be pressed to activate it, the Capacitive Touch Panel is sufficiently touched with our fingers to activate it. Another advantage of Capacitive is multi-touch (can receive more than one touch at the same time). Capacitive touch panels are widely used for making Kiosk / Digital Signage.


MTR | Standard Model

resistive multi-touch screen series developed by DMC. Resistive touch screens allows secure dual-touch operations. Lineup of products from 10.4 to 15 in. screens generally used for industrial purposes. Simultaneous operation of multiple keys including shift key allows optional operations.

MTR-G | Gesture Model

resistive multi-touch screen series developed by DMC. Light-pressure multi-touch screen with a focus on gesture operations. MTR touch screens realize capacitive touch screen gesture operations while maintaining the usability of the resistive touch screen. Lineup of products from 5.7 to 21.5 wide in. screens generally used for industrial purposes.


Realization of multi-touch screens with resistive technology.

Realizing multi-touch resistive touch screens developed by DMC. Easier to implement than electrostatic capacitive touch screens.

Gesture operation with finger pressure

Dividing touch screen into cells allows detection of each touch by individual cells to realize multi touch operability with resistive technology.

Convenient dual-touch input

Dual-touch input is applied to important keys when input error must be avoided. Users are required to press two points simultaneously to input data.

Rarely cause misdetection of noise

Compared with capacitive touch sensors, resistive touch sensors receive less impact from external radio wave noise.

Implementation of multi-touch operability at low cost

Use of resistive touch screens helps realize lower cost than capacitive touch screens and allows implementation of multi-touch types.

Highly safe multi-touch operability

Finger pressure detection reduces input error, and realizes multi-touch gesture operation.