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We’re a Japanese company with 30 years of production in Indonesia. FA, Medical, Equipment, POS, etc. We have supported a lot of Global brands. We deliver high-quality touch screens all over the world.

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If you're in the ASEAN countries, let's take advantage of our locations. For Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Tax, No choice but the DMC Touch screen. Feel free to contact us.

Increase your domestic component score (TKDN)

National Efforts of Localization in Indonesia

The Domestic component score (TKDN) is an important aspect of the domestic supply chain put forward by The Ministry of Industry. Nowadays, the TKDN has an important influence on marketing and procurement in various industries. The implementation of the TKDN program has clear goals to be achieved. To comply with the government policy to support domestic industries, having and presenting a TKDN score in the tender process of certain public projects is required.

CEO Message

Continuous Striving in the Growing Market

DMC was founded in 1973 as a manufacturer of artwork materials for printed boards used for TVs, computers and other electronic equipment. Since shifting the focus from the material business to touch screens in 1991, DMC's products are used all over today's world. Nowadays, touch screens have become an essential part of our daily-use devices in personal devices, PC, and Smartphones. Additionally, Machinery, ATMs, Medical equipment, POS/KIOSK, and those industrial tools also adopt touch screens. DMC's products are mainly used for the later field. With the expansion of the IT industry, the applications of touch screens are expected to grow even further. To meet this anticipated market growth, DMC has established a system of high-mix low-volume production prioritizing long-term stable supply. For market satisfaction There are several types of touch screens in the world. However, two major types are commonly used for our daily life & business. One is the Resistive type that is used in broad applications across many industries. The other type is capacitive touch screens, whose market has seen rapid growth due to the popularization of smartphones. DMC has both types of line-ups. We have a long history of resistive touch screens that offer excellent quality. While leveraging our experience in resistive type we also have established a production line of capacitive according to the rapid growth of the market. We support fast-moving and various customer needs. Due to Worldwide uncertainty such as Pandemics, conflict, and climate change, more and more people talk about the importance of BCP. In reality, DMC's Fukushima factory suffered significant damage in the disaster of the earthquake in 2011, however, even in such severe conditions, we didn't have to give up the "Stable Supply". Because the Indonesia factory (PT. DMC TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA) backed up the Japanese side. Our factory mapping dispersed risks and prevent critical damage to ensure customer procurement. DMC exports almost half of its total production to the major countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. We have established trustworthy relationships with customers in these markets by ensuring the stable supply of our products. We will keep exerting our best effort to maintain a reliable system that enables business continuity and reinforces both domestic and overseas supply chains to satisfy customer needs.

BCP & Global network

While DMC TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA is the main production factory, we also have 3 domestic bases in Shirakawa, Iwaki, and Izumi. This allows us to support our customers continuously. On the other hand, there are sales offices in the EU, USA, and Taiwan outside of Japan. Indonesian factory also has a marketing team to approach the ASEAN market.

No.1 Industrial Touch Screen Manufacturer in Japan

We have been supporting the products of many customers since the dawn of touch panels. Nowadays, our products are used by major industrial manufacturers around the world, and of course, we've achieved the top market share in Japan. Whatever customers' needs are, we will try and satisfy them in this fast-moving industry.

Challenge Today for an Exciting Tomorrow

As a member of USCO Group, we make a better future by connecting people with technology through interface solutions.

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Water Purifier
Home Security
Photo Booth
Access Terminal
Dialysis Machine
Medical Monitor
Dental Care
X Ray Machine